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2014 VTA Annual Conference & Bus Expo

June 3-4, Fredericksburg, VA

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Congratulations to this year’s Roadeo winners!

35’ bus category
1st place                Clarence Jackson, DASH (will represent Virginia at the International Bus Roadeo)
2nd Place               Marco Hailemariam, DASH
3rd Place               Jimmy Carter, Roanoke Valley Metro

40’ bus category
1st place                Maurice Carter, GRTC Transit Company
2nd place               David Edwards, Hampton Roads Transit
3rd place               Shawn Washington, Hampton Roads Transit

Maintenance Competition
1st place                GRTC Transit Company (Will represent Virginia at the International Bus Roadeo): Fred McCormick, Doug Bauserman, John Clements
2nd place               Fairfax Connector: Lianos Mario, Michol Durham
3rd place               Hampton Roads Transit: Ick Chang, Jose Brito, Manny Ovalle
High Score Driving Team – DASH
Clarence Jackson, Marco Hailemariam, Elmer Rodriguez, Roscoe Shell

High Score Property Combined Scores of Drivers and Maintenance – DASH
Clarence Jackson – Driver              Mercer Crowder – Mechanic
Marco Hailemariam – Driver             Calvin Hawkins – Mechanic
Elmer Rodriguez – Driver                 Fardin Fafa – Mechanic
Roscoe Shell – Driver




VTA Features Best Practices and Programs:
Blacksburg Transit Adds Solar Powered Bus Shelter… Click here!
 Virginia Transit Systems Look Forward to New State Funding
Generated by Passage of HB 2313

HB 2313  provides a new, growing annual revenue source, dedicating a portion of the 0.3% increase in the general sales tax to support transit and intercity rail projects in the Commonwealth (0.125%).

What this means for transit:  $65 million in FY14 growing to $84 million by FY18 [($20 million annually IF  Congress passes the Market Place Fairness Act by 2015; $300 million for Dulles Rail from road funds (to reduce project cost/tolls)].
What this means for intercity passenger rail
: $44 million in FY14 growing to $56 million in FY18; $257 million over 5 years.

 Transit Service Delivery Advisory Committee (TSDAC) Recommends New Formula for Distributing HB 2313 Transit Funds

The new transit funds will be distributed by a new formula recommended by the Transit Service Delivery Advisory Committee (TSDAC) to the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB).  The Performance-Based Operating Assistance Allocation Implementation Plan is in the public comment period until October 1.  Click  here to view.  The committee is also discussing recommended changes to the capital allocations process.  These changes will be subject to a separate public comment process.

barReal estate—residential, commercial or business—that is served by public transportation is valued more highly by the public than similar properties not as well served by transit.


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