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Federal News

House Committee on Appropriations Releases the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Bill – April 28, 2014

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The House Committee on Appropriations released the draft Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016. This bill is scheduled to be brought before the THUD Subcommittee tomorrow morning for a markup.  The measure appropriates discretionary spending totaling $55.3 billion, which is $1.5 billion above FY 2015 level, but $9.7 billion below the President’s budget request.  With reduced offsets, however, the bill represents an actual increase of only $25 million above the current level.

For public transportation and highway programs, without an authorizing bill to guide program funding, the bill generally sets spending for trust fund programs at the levels authorized in 2015.  Programs funded from the general fund were reduced in most cases, with cuts in the new starts program, transit research, Amtrak funding, and TIGER grants.

FTA Seeks Comment on Policy Guidance

FTA invites public comment through May 8 on interim policy guidance the agency is proposing for the Capital Investment Grant (CIG) program. The proposed interim guidance was published in the Federal Register on April 8 and has been placed in the docket.

If adopted, this proposed interim policy guidance will complement FTA’s regulations that govern the CIG program by providing a deeper level of detail about the methods for applying the project justification and local financial commitment criteria for rating and evaluating New Starts, Small Starts and Core Capacity Improvement projects and the procedures for getting through the steps in the process required by law.

Submit comments on the guidance, DOT docket number FTA-2015-0007, here.


The federal DOT has extended the deadline for comments on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on Geographic-Based Hiring Preferences in Administering Federal Awards and its Notice of Contracting Initiative pilot program until May 6.
Additional comments from APTA on the NPRM can be found here.

Direct comments to FTA/DOT should be filed here.


Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Apportionments for Fiscal Year 2015 Announced
…to read the article click here.

Obama’s Budget Includes 6-Year, $478 Billion Authorization Plan; Allocates $144 Billion for Public Transit…to read the article click here.


Stand Up 4 Transportation Day of Action Success

Transit advocates across the country stood up for transportation on April 9th to send a strong message to Congress that it’s time for them to act on a multi-year surface transportation authorization to fund critical infrastructure.  Without action, the current MAP 21 authorization will expire at the end of May.

Thank you for those transit agencies in Virginia who hosted special events with elected officials, transit riders, and the media to highlight the importance of what’s at stake!  Without federal funding, 59 mostly-rural transit agencies could shut down!


State News

DC to Richmond High Speed Rail Public Information Meetings

The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) invite you to discuss initial options for higher speed intercity passenger rail improvements between Washington, D.C. and Richmond. To read more about the meetings, click here.

Meeting Schedule:Monday, June 1 in Alexandria at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town
Tuesday, June 2 in Fredericksburg at the Dorothy Hart Community Center
Wednesday, June 3 in Richmond at the Department of Motor Vehicles

The 2015 General Assembly Session adjourned on Friday, February 27. The reconvened “Veto” session was scheduled for Wednesday, April 15. For more information, click here to go to the General Assembly homepage.

VTA strongly supported HB 1887 (Patron – Delegate Chris Jones) that passed both the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates and has now been signed into law by Governor McAuliffe.

This is the Omnibus transportation bill that overhauls the transportation funding formula to get more funds back to the local construction districts, strengthens the Commonwealth Transportation Board, and most importantly for transit, provides $40 million in capital funding for essential services like replacing aging buses and rehabilitating track.

Thank you to Governor McAuliffe and Delegate Jones for their leadership on this bill. Without it, we were facing a 62% projected drop in capital funding expected in the next 2 to 3 years.

For HB 2 updates, visit the HB 2 webpage here.


VTrans2040 Multimodal Plan Process

  VTrans is the long‐range, statewide multimodal policy plan that provides the overarching vision and goals for transportation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. VTrans2040 will include two components. The first component, currently available for review, is the VTrans2040 Vision Plan. The Vision Plan includes updated Vision, Goals, Objectives, and Guiding Principles that reflect the priorities and concerns of stakeholders across the Commonwealth. A robust trends analysis has also contributed to the plan’s focus on our changing socioeconomic dynamics and a range of future issues. It identifies transportation conditions and trends and anticipated growth patterns, and explores the demographic, economic, environmental and technological trends anticipated over the coming years and their potential influence on transportation.


The second component is the VTrans2040 Multimodal Transportation Plan (VMTP), which is currently under development and will include a continued outreach effort and multiple opportunities for input from all stakeholders. The VMTP will build on the Vision Plan by identifying multimodal transportation needs and recommendations for 2025, as well as a discussion of potential future scenarios for 2040.


An extensive and interactive public involvement process has been employed to facilitate plan development and gather feedback from key stakeholders, cooperating agencies, and the general public. The draft Vision Plan has been made available for public comment to continue this outreach effort and gather feedback from all Virginian’s.


The draft report is available on the web at http://www.vtrans.org/vtrans2040.asp .





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